a mīnüte minute, if you will…

Hello, friend.
I see you have spared a precious minute.
Precious, because, if you think about it, this is a point in space and time that you can never visit again. You can never go back to the moment when you made the decision to click on this space wondering what on earth I might have to say.
Minute, because that’s how long I hope you’ll spare before you decide that this is just another piece of writing by a lovesick human with a million little issues with everything in life which, I assure you, this is.
Just another human who likes to watch the stars like it was the only way she
could ever decipher her fingerprints, who listens to the wind like it spoke to her in whispers: passing notes in secrecy, who laughs softly, yet truly when the clouds decide to tell her a tale, rather animated, if you take my meaning, who gazes at sunsets like it were the only reason necessary to keep living and feels the rain on her skin as if it were the blood in her veins reaching out to the sky.
Just another human, madly in love with living.
This is a collection of my various conversations, contemplations and arguments, if you will, with myself about the whirlwind of a life I happen to find myself living.
I hope with all my heart that you will continue to read as I continue to write and grant me the privilege of your company and your thoughts, if you ever find yourself wishing to share them.
There. I’ve had your minute. And for this, I’m ever grateful.
T. E. Pyrus

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