sugar cookies and violins

I have received confirmation from the Greek gods stating that all their blue-green and yellow striped horses are well accounted for. Dionysus sipped diet coke as he reported that a sub-species thrives on chocolate cake. Especially those layered cakes with dark chocolate icing between every layer and whipped cream and sugared cherries on top. The cherries are an essential factor, you see? It’s much the same with ‘layered people’.

Say, the first time you meet a person, you find their noses plastered to the ceiling and conclude that they’re thorough in their obnoxiousness. The next time you meet them, you have a nice quiet conversation about your favourite book and come to  realization that the top-layer obnoxiousness was probably just a defense mechanism. Tickity tock and time flies and soon enough you’re laughing about the most far-fetched tales in all of imaginative history of humankind with this person you once believed was an ego-filled helium balloon. Chocolate cakes are unpredictable.

Then there are the fried ice-creams. Warm and crispy on the outside but you can’t trust them not to freeze your teeth.

And of course there are the sugar cookies. Sugar cookies are perfectly good cookies. They just try a wee bit too hard to be sweet. Now these are the folks that steal your share of sweetness and leave you feeling like a tightly strung, tone-deaf violin. It’s all well and good to wail in tune. Beautiful, in fact. But right when all that sweetness is swept away from right under your feet, all you have left is a suppressed, tone-deaf violin. Not a good accompaniment for a peacocks’ choir.

The iced lemon-drops and freshly baked home-made chocolate chip cookies are polar opposites.
The iced lemon-drops are cold and mean and sour with only a thin top layer of politeness that lasts for just about two seconds. Occasionally tangy.
The freshly baked home-made chocolate chip cookies (thank you, copy-paste.) on the other hand are the nicest kind. They are warm and comforting and just the right amount of bitter-sweet. Perfect for sleepovers.

P. S. You wouldn’t really want to have a sleepover with a cookie or to eat your best friend, so forgive my confused framing of the previous paragraph(s) and let common sense take you for a walk while your imagination runs right by you like an overenthusiastic puppy. Here’s a tip: loosen the leash when it tries to trip you. Puppies can swim rather well in rivers of chaos.

T. E. Pyrus


One thought on “sugar cookies and violins

  1. What a violin-t cat-ion-ish puppy in a chaotic river swirling in a non astringent taste in to Betty’s bitter butter chocolate cookies!


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