fractions of forever

The autumn leaves had drifted in the chilly glow of the streetlights and now carpeted the streets. Snowflakes steadily covered up the warm hues. Creating space seemed less and less like an impossibility. Footsteps, greetings, the ringing telephone, breakfast, coffee, tears and breakfast later, summer dims down and the trees decide to dress-up to be the sunset for Halloween and nobody who has ever had all permanent teeth misses Christmas anymore… or New Year… Or their own birthdays…

The thing about life is the longer you live, the shorter a day is in the perspective of the number of days you have lived. By the end of today, I will have lived five thousand, seven hundred and seventy-seven days. Tomorrow will be one in five thousand, seven hundred and seventy eighth (1/5778) of my life. The day after would be one in five thousand, seven hundred and seventy ninth (1/5779). With each passing day, the significance of a day in a life reduces, fading -1/n(n+1) per day (where ‘n’ is the number of days lived).

So essentially, when you have lived two days, while the first day was basically all of your life, the second day is a half of your life, the third day is a third of your life and as the days get shorter and your life in the past grows longer, what seems like only yesterday turns out to be months ago.

Immortality would be a difficult burden. One would probably tend to overlook the little joys of life. Boredom, frustration and exhaustion would eventually lead to insanity.

Insanely yours,
T. E. Pyrus


3 thoughts on “fractions of forever

  1. Or may be the immortals are the only ones who can really understand and appreciate the almost ignored by every mortal, seemingly insignificant, little joys of life 🙂


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