yo marshmallow!

Have you ever thought about how yo-yos are literally one of the greatest metaphors for realistic life. I mean, think about it: there’s always somebody who will let you fall, someone who’ll pull you down and somebody who will try real hard to pull you right back up.

Also the one who let you fall might not have meant to leave you hanging. To be very honest, gravity doesn’t think straight; it curves space-time, so you can hardly blame the poor fella. It’s not an easy feat to pull a yo-yo back up. It might take weeks to get it right. And until then you just try your best to crawl up the string and to understand that the little yo-yo’s person is trying her hardest and the best way you can help is by being a marshmallow.

Here are some other things you should probably know about the yo-yo mode:
Bounces can be found in the lowest of times, when one only remembers to reach for the sky. (P. S. Thank you, Dumbledore.)
It’s difficult to balance at the tip but it’s okay to be unstable, transient and fallible even at your highest.

That’s where the marshmallow-mode comes in… You see, marshmallows are sweet, spongy, sticky and bouncy little warm-hearted, long-tempered punch-bags. All the qualities of a perfect being. When success feels so far away, frustration follows you like a shadow.

Frustrated shadows don’t like marshmallows. And that is where you upgrade to marshmallow-mode and swing to the rescue! Worst case scenario: you’re toast. Still perfect though. Nothing can ever change that. While the marshmallow-mode is a little sticky, it’s all about understanding, accepting and bouncing right back to a warm cuddle.

“Myself is thus and so, and will continue thus and so. And why fight it? My balance comes from instability.”~Saul Bellow

T. E. Pyrus


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