page break

It’s funny how you can fall in love with a song about a break up. Funny how staring at squiggles of light on the screen can turn you fuzzy and warm on the inside. Funny how your head feels like it’s floating idly over your shoulders and your neck stops existing when you’re tired. Funny how a million thoughts rush through your mind in a second and, all at once, you realize you can’t hold on to any of those thoughts for just about long enough to decide to write about it.

Empty walls, illusions, shoulder-blades that hurt, an idea for a tee-shirt, the stars, hopes, dreams, procrastination, perfectionism, panic, precious , the letter ‘p’, pancakes,  poetry…

Fleeting glances, a word, a sentence, confusion, opinions, disagreement, theories, sarcasm, laughter, semi-agreement, hope, stumble, fall, confusion, decisions, clenched fists, words forced out, realization, sigh, acceptance, a half-smile, cinnamon eyes…

And I’ll be hiding
My subtle smiles
Between shade and semi-darkness,

Hand my heart out
By street corners
To footsteps that double-take,

Paint the ceiling
With blue feelings
That tied ego to frustration,

Paper airplanes
Made of sighs
And watch them sail across the lake;

Wear chain anklets
Like a trophy
In a world so topsy-turvy,

Tingling fingertips
Trace eyebrows
Of fear: wild and gay,

Paint my shoulders
And eyelashes:
They’ll never see right through me,

And when you’re lost
And I’m forgotten,
Maybe, look…look away…

(A Page-Break In A Love-Letter)

T. E. Pyrus


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