incidentally reflective

What if a lamp could actually look like an orange? And an orange like a puppy? And a puppy like French fries? And no, I’m not talking about golden retrievers. I’m talking literally. (I’m just typing, really.)

It could happen, you know? Anything could happen if the angle of incidence decided to disagree with the angle of reflection. It would literally be possible for your hand to look like an irritated frog. Maybe even to be invisible.

A slight distortion would only lead to looking at things from a different point of view. The great orange emperor penguin knows that humanity needs more perspective. Walking around in someone else’s shoes would be a piece of cake, if you could find them first, of course.

Security could consist of wildly distorted staircases and Egyptian pyramid booby traps could be the most obvious reality.

It would be rather handy if you could slightly increase or decrease the angle of distortion at will, much like an electromagnetic field.

Imagine walking into a disco and your hair-clips decide to turn into adorable baby snakes and slither into the painting of the forest.

Disguise would be an inevitable aspect of existence. You would never know your real appearance. Mirrors would only be shiny pieces of painted glass. Photographs… well… You would probably be able to click one, but the Chihuahuas’ personal teabags know what you’d see when you looked at it, or though it.

Since vision would be a less useful sensory skill, maybe telepathy would develop in the human mind to take its place. So you wouldn’t see people. Only sense, hear, feel and understand. No one would ever judge a book by its cover again, and the proverb would be quite out of its comfort zone. After all, books would be rather difficult (read: impossible) to read and thus rare (read: non-existent. I cannot bear to voice it! If I don’t say it, it won’t have to be true! *muffled sob*).

But this is only the beginning. What if light itself refused to travel straight?

T. E. Pyrus


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