think about it

The thought is ‘copied’ out of one bubble like an oddly shaped colour-changing piece of text and, when the colour steadies out, it fits neatly into another person’s bubble. If the colour doesn’t steady out, it keeps fading until it hangs around like a sad wispy ghost and eventually dissolves into thin air.

Where are my manners? *Ahem* May I introduce you to the invisible-to-humans text bubbles that float about a half-foot above your head that write out every thought process that goes through your thinkbox in your own personalized font?

The size of your bubble changes with the intensity of your emotion and are slightly transparent,  thus tend to overlap with and influence the colour and text in others’ bubbles.

The colour changing  depends on the mood, the weather, opinion and perspective. The font changes with experience and growing up (Yikes!) and it is all written in the language the person thinks in. Dreams have colours that are slightly grayish and look rather like a rainy afternoon with a rainbow.

The best part is, there isn’t a delete button. Anything in the bubbles is absolutely permanent and waiting for your after-life year(s)-long break to watch episodes and seasons of a beautiful life.

But there’s time for that and for the bunch of other stuff you dreamed of while we tiptoe, synchronically solo, through our Lilliputian dimensions of reality.

T. E. Pyrus


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