of quiet memory

(Continuation of story that started on June 28th.)

Part VII

“She’s only eleven!” exclaimed Queen Lewyne, frustrated, “And there’s no backing out of this. The least she deserves is a choice!”

The three of them, the King, the Queen and Estiya, sat around a condensed version of the table in the Glass Hall in a firelit parlour.

The king looked slightly comical with his head tilted to one side in vague confusion and evident exhaustion. “Violyn is only seven, but she was four when it happened. Wouldn’t you say she handled it rather well?” he placed his hands over his eyes and sighed. “I, for one, could not have done better.”

“And that is exactly why I believe she should have a choice. Violyn never did. Estiya and I never did.”

“Lewy, everything is going to fall into place, eventually. I know you detest that word. You just have to-“

“Have faith. I know. Doesn’t work.”

“I was going to say ‘take a deep breath, switch to logic-mode and make the most of it’ but, of course, a little bit of faith does no harm.”

Lewy rolled her eyes and managed a tired smile.

“As much as I would love to turn this into a cheerfully pointless play of words and philosophies, and I really would, we have just lost a powerful ally and everyone in the Alliance is either at risk of physical harm or loss, or at risk of brainwash and blackmail. There is much to be done. And I do not have a plan, as of now.”

“But Jem, you must sleep. You need your rest. Let everything standby until morning and then, perhaps, with a clear mind, you can work better.”

King Elissir was Jem. Long story short, years ago, Lewy had decided to give him a nickname he absolutely detested. Although the success was short-lived, emotional attachment won again. Estiya knew that better than most Faerfolk.

Estiya’s ears perked up. There was a slight movement outside the door.

“Lewy,” Estiya added after a moments thought, “you must rest too. The little flutter-bys must be tired. Shall I let them know that you’ll talk to them tomorrow?”

“Thank you, Estiya. That would be wonderful.” said Lewy with an exhausted sigh, “Leave them a note if they’re asleep. Don’t wake them.”

“Also,” added Lewy, “do you think you can check on Allerys? She sure loves you… Oh, and the enchantment on the East tower is a little worn down; it’ll only take you a minute, won’t you be a dear?”

“If I wasn’t your sister…” Estiya sighed dramatically, lightening the mood of the room, and swiftly glided out into the corridor and gently closed the door behind her.


The midnight cat twitched her gray eye and meowed quietly.

“The nor-… the… Well, how… who on earth would do that?!”

‘Humans,’ Allerys let out a sigh and tiptoed daintily away with Estiya spluttering, bewildered, at her heels.

T. E. Pyrus


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