a word bracelet

Have you ever been so tired that you just sat and stared at a simple word for minutes trying to remember how it’s supposed to sound in your head?

You just look at the word wondering how on earth it was even a word. It was after all, only a bunch of weird sounds strung together like an old charm bracelet and passed around so everybody could add their own piece of meaning. You say it over and over in your head, wondering if this is how it always sounded and how it came to sound this way at all, or was it really all in your imagination? And if it was, should it mean that it wasn’t real?

And maybe the entire universe is a huge version of a molecule of sorts, with all the space and mysterious gravity. The galaxies and solar systems might be electrons, merging and diverging. Perhaps, then, molecules have entire universes in them. Perhaps humans are only too thick-fingered to fathom the finery…

And thus you go around in loops wondering if dreams, in fact, were reality and you were dreaming  when you thought you were awake, and what if you are still dreaming?

So, dear friend, when you awaken from this dream and begin to doubt all of existence, remember me. Remember me for centuries.

T. E. Pyrus


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