mirroring the rain

(Continuation of story that started on June 28th.)

Part IX

She sat there by the window and pressed her face against the cold, steamed up glass. Her fingers traced the path of the raindrops as they slithered down towards the window-pane. The sky was her mirror, reflecting her rage, her tears and her eternal dilemma.

But the sunshine would come, wouldn’t it? It had to come sometime. All that was left to do was to watch her tars trickle down the chains around her narrow wrists and mourn in her newfound soul mate, the rain.

The prison of the Faerfolk was not exactly a bad place to be. In fact, other than the fancy chain bracelets, the place was rather comfortable. Someday, she’d find a way to get back to her son. Until then, this was home…

There was a sharp knock on the door.

A young faerie in a dark green uniform walked in, looking rather pleased with himself.

Obnoxious little creature, she thought to herself, amused.

“Madam Reina, you have a visitor. She calls herself Lewy.”

Reina perked up at the sound of the name.

“Bring her in.” her voice sounded sharper than she meant it to.

The young faerie flinched, then gave her a sheepish smile. He walked, rather comically stiff, out the door and a cloaked and hooded young lady brought herself in and gently shut the door behind her.

“Hello, Reina. It has been a while.”

“Your highness.”

T. E. Pyrus


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