of light and shade

(Continuation of story that started on June 28th.)

Part X

“The prisoner has a visitor.” a gruff, disdainful voice filled the room.

It was a considerably huge and spacious hall. Everything seemed to be peacefully asleep in its pale blue luminescence. Little balls of light floated around and settled cosily in the shadows. It was said that these lumena were indoor stars, only wiser.

“Now, now, Earof. There is no need to be rude.” a slender, graceful young faerie clicked her tongue and shook her head with a clear touch of exaggeration, “Reina is our guest, feisty though she might be.”

Earof mumbled under his breath in clear disapproval but said nothing. Indie, with her extraordinary airs and graces seemed to have that effect on most ordinary folks.

But of course, she was far from ordinary.

She sighed and walked thoughtfully towards one of the lumena, running her fingers distractedly through her short, dark and choppy hair. The light reflected wonderfully in her vibrant, midnight blue eyes; the pupils looked strangely beautiful, like they were made of evening glitter.

She gently touched the surface and watched the glow ripple as if it were made of water.

“Elera…” she whispered. The lumena dimmed slightly, then, floated towards a little wooden box placed along the north wall.

Indie picked the box up and opened it carefully: wrapped in a gentle layer of moonshine, there lay a shimmering bracelet with its silver leaf charm quietly reflecting the lumena.

T. E. Pyrus


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