bloodstains and smoke

Written in December 2012.

So here you go again today,
Spending a little more of your life
Planning a perfect murder of your own brothers
In a world where dishonesty is way of life
And justice lives only to be preached of.
In a world where you built walls
Of your own prison of destruction
With bones of all those
You set against their own
And watched from your throne of power
As they tore one another limb for limb

It’s your country, you’ll tell me.
I’ll say, we’re of one blood –
The blood that paints every battlefield
With stories of anger, sorrow and regret;
The blood that stains the name of humanity
From truth, trust and ruth to greed and lie;
The blood that taints your hands from the millions
You led to die while fighting their brother for their day’s bread.

Today, you will ponder over these words.
Tomorrow, again, you will cheer at the slaughter of one another
While I, with wrists shackled by powerlessness
Will watch the last embers of hope
Die into darkness.

All that will remain are
The wisps of smoke
That will stare up from the pages
Of history books to watch
All that may be left of human sanity
Crumble to nothing.

T. E. Pyrus


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