tangerine wedding vows

burn the city lights
into my irises;
olive green is not
my destined version
of perfect infatuation;
blink, blink as it
blinds, blinds your soul,
carefully coded to
shut the door;
steal alice’s secret
potion; wonderland
through the keyhole;
look me in the eye,
tell me, spellbinding,
of the cosmos
mirrored upside down
in my tear drop; then
set it right;
let my words
kiss your wrists,
bring you speechless,
breathless when i
steal all your long
and winding eyelashes;
you pretty thing, the
taste of bitter tangerine
wingless bird, i’ll unfurl
the secrets in your
palliated plume; your
teeth taste like
blood and diamond
and when you
swallowed the
silver knot.

T. E. Pyrus


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