lost in hope

Written in 2013.

Thoughts reflected in the rippling water
Worries blown by wind
Swirling passion in the sunset
And me, as the colours fade
Into dark, waiting…

Waiting, like I’ve always waited
For all that will never come-
Shattered dreams, crushed hopes,
Wishes, never uttered but wished
With silent tears, crossed fingers,
And blind, desperate belief.
Waiting, as a pair of eyes stare
At me from the deep waters,
Full of anxiety, driven by false hope-
My own, as I search the depths
Of an ocean of all there is
To find what is worth.
Perhaps I am a forlorn wanderer
Reaching out to the painted faces of lies…
But I’m not the only one
Who sits here by the wind, water and sky,


T. E. Pyrus


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