my red balloon

how shall i
tip the balance
of your ludicrous,
courageous blasphemy?
you sink too low;
centre of gravity
is no excuse
to muffle my
frantic search
for sanity;
your stained
black sky
with every lie
you unleash;
may democracy
cease to care:
by and
by the people
die; watch, with
your poison arrowhead,
as i lie next to
lost hopes in bed,
aimed level at
my red balloon;
fly high, fly
high, like every
threat you shot
my way,
my red balloon
shall never fail
to lead the
way; my red
balloon, cold
silver steel,
shall lead the
way to survival
of the desperate,
my red balloon,
fly me away;
your shrouded
truth was never
meant for me…

T. E. Pyrus


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