sanity overpriced

here’s a florid sunset
to keep you company
and haunt you unto
endless, fractioned,
young, infernal sleep;
that portentous fairytale
smells of your audaciously
overpriced idiocy
and the half sentence
that you never
cared to read
aches to watch
you bleed;
cyclones never heed
the sorry weatherman’s
lock the cage and
can you function
without unprovable,
invisible, half existent
floating bits of
i aspire to love
the ocean and her
pretty green
evening gown,
the way her
half a million lovers
try to keep from
falling down;
live in two
places at once;
eat your cake
and have it too
and never fully
knowing true
breathing; you can
wipe your bloody
paws off on your
checker boarded
hypnotized by that
circle from your
last glass of amnesia;
stumble down
the side walk in
your uncourtly stupor;
the ocean and i
may kiss your feet
while your cold
fingertips kiss the
raw ocean floor,
bleed green;
stay in between
the lines of
affected sanity;
shadow me for evermore,
you aesthetic cadaver,
follow me on
your rocking horse
to icy isolation.

T. E. Pyrus


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