she loved the way
a boy with
scraped knees
and an angel’s smile
by the creek
under the sun stained
sunset sky
loved a dragonfly
between his fingertips,
and mesmerized
by the rippling
liquid diamond
in its wing
that stayed still,
he watched it try
and fly away,
and watched
it fall;
and watched with
sardonic fascination
as it drowned
in dewy raindrops
by his feet,
giving in to defeat
as flighty dreams
lost all hope
and the wing
beat offbeat;
he stayed for a moment
in naive wonderment,
no doubt,
and hovered away
into intoxicating
darkness all about;
it spied from
its mien
as his tread lightened
with a spark
and pursued in
the lonely firefly
in the dark.

T. E. Pyrus


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