untold story

like hopping stones
across still waters
that reach out forever,
like coffee
and vanilla and
firewood in
the cold,
like the rain
in the mirror
that peeks in
through the window,
like sunlight,
like moonlight,
like starlight,
i am an
untold story
like glittering
and mist,
crisp meadows
and darkness,
white soul, salt, snow,
like unrelenting fire
in thankless fields
of lavender,
like snowstorm,
like rainstorm,
like windstorm;
now i know
that i’m an
untold story
that i can
sculpt and paint
and dance
like fingers
across a piano,
breathing, dreaming;
in only a glance,
i’ll live my
untold story
like a soaring
i shall fly,
and, only for
a moment,
i’ll outshine
the starry sky!

T. E. Pyrus


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