spell-blinding daylight

might i ever claim
that your artful eyes
are like constellations
in the sky,
forgive me, love,
for i would only
spiel the
pretty words in
a bewitched haze,
and then i would
repeal them,
in a moment;
you are binding
and searing and,
but only little,
beyond my fingertips,
not so faraway,
you paint the sky
in a blink
of an eye,
veil the transcended
stars that fall,
slanting like rain,
storming down on
the asphalt like ember,
like lightning
on salt in the sea,
my own molten fire,
when you look at me,
humour me good
as i singe your
still heart with
my fingertips cold,
look you falling apart like
a fever, you glow, like pure-
blinding, spellbinding
daylight, white gold,
artful combustion,
your swansong like
autumn, like warm
wistful sunsets on
your knees, let me
reign all your sorrow,
your fears, your dreams,
let me bind your
tomorrow, your tears
for me, with your
trembling fingertips,
wintry fire, unveil
this awry, this lawless
desire, crave me
like a sunflower
starved in starlight,
crave me, flawless
love, like i
crave you tonight.

T. E. Pyrus


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