lonely telescope

slide my hands
over glass, your
heart beating fast
through your
translucent wrists,
the taste of
raw pulse as
i look for a way
to your heart
like it’s a part
of your breathing
that i can find
if I try, carve my
name on, and
each time that you
go climbing clouds,
and you slip, so
those yellow balloons
tie your fingertips,
fly into the sunset,
you storm in disguise,
let me conquer
that faraway look
in your eyes
while you dream;
lonely telescope,
alone, in that bubble
of soap that you
christened your home,
see world
like ice skating
fireworks, you
leave the
earthly traffic lights
blinking and clueless,
and braid those
pretences like
diamond and dart,
devil you force
the lightning and
thunder apart, like
pretty stained glass,
let you rule all
my soul and this
faltered heartbeat,
paint the world
on my skin, maybe
you’ll let me in,
bind your heartbeats
and eyelids
’til you’re blind
with defeat.

T. E. Pyrus


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