once upon a
short while ago,
little diminished
star looked bright
in the mirror,
the while wistful
gold sunshine
soft mellow
day through
her hair and smiled
like the sunset;
eyes glaze
into light fading
gone by,
when little star
was a puerile
glow lighter,
frolic around
the light of her
mirthful sun
as it floated
over waves in
the sea, and
glanced into the
enchanted turquoise,
and she looked
to her lee,
found herself
lonely again,
the wandering
star, now
loved the
pale moon
and wandered,
not musing,
naïve, refusing
to mull over
daylight again;
then the dusk
cloaked her
jubilant smiles,
then she hid
in the midnight
awhile; she built
her own little
twining thorn
woods, and
it into dark
latitudes into
grit her teeth
and she dragged
her torn dawn
into sunrise,
carved a weary
and worn crescent
arc in the grey
stony wall that
she built on
her own, and
waited for moonrise
again, like frolic
and innocent
memory, crescent
ark on the moon
sailed the ocean
of night, and
swayed, reeling
too soon, and
cast torn blinking
star to the
welcoming earth;
little firefly
wandered the
night, right
into the arms
of gentle daylight,
who embraced
her close and
warmed her
soul, and
braided her
hair pal and bright;
then one night,
the star dreamt
of treason,
hidden thorn
woods that
hid fading reason,
and discovered
fears and
dark, shrouded
tears, discovered
sin in her heart;
she held onto
hard gentle land,
silver sand,
sorrow on
her palm,
and stifling
anguish so
dark; stumbled
she into redress
and reflected
pain, coursed
cut real,
blue through
her vein, her
eyes burning
and watched
into flame.

T. E. Pyrus


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