stardust storm

the stars fell out of the sky
onto the pavement before my eyes
and i looked up to see the lightning
winking at the clouds in the sky.

and then i lay down on a green patch of grass:
my sanctuary from this world of honest apathy,
pathetic honesty, and camped out in my sarcasm.

then the rain poured down on the pitch darkness again,
like shooting stars, and my dear asphalt
twinkled like sunset glittering in
windy, warm autumn days.

wintry winds come quiet
and paint the mountains white
to calm the bleeding autumn and welcome stormy skies,
and the frosty snowflakes spelled your name.

i built me an army of sunset clouds,
my storm in disguise;
let me conquer that faraway look in your eyes
while you dream.

i walked to forever, asked infinity for your whereabouts
and the guardian of heaven
led me to your castle of clouds, your home.

and when i decided to waltz down the staircase
to green earth and flowers in the rain,
you came to me again.

and took me by the arm and asked me
if i loved the rainbows beyond the moon
and clouds so high.

i said, nay, for i loved the purple past sunsets,
the blush beneath your eyes at daybreak
for evermore dancing;

i loved each cloud on your brow,
each star that twinkled in your eyes,
and all your stormy lies,

and every truth you told reflected my soul
in a million shades of hesitant excitement
before your storm.

when evening brushed your air
with stars like glitter everywhere,
i loved your dark wings like clouds;

and when you floated by with
the moon on your wing,
i loved your silver sins.

and when i could join
the constellations on your palms,
you loved me a little,

or so i thought before i learned
that the darkness would burn
into light.

stardust is the only crooked truth
in this revolving world of empty lies.

you and i shall spin forever
in this universe of silent void.

you and i are made of
sixteen billion year old stardust.

the sun said you’re pretty,
the moon stole your heart.

all rippling like stars in the sea,
come home.

and when all the world is falling apart.

come, my storm, for one last minute.

before we die into last dust

let’s smoulder for another forever.

then we shall wait

until all life

is quiet,


T. E. Pyrus


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