starlight song

in sixteen dreams i saw your words
morph into a silent song,
and fifteen second glances led
them back to right where we belong.

in fourteen paper planes i flew
my heart to you with hope and fear,
and thirteen pieces of my broken
soul told me that love was near.

in twelve rays of brilliant light
that mirrored off your splendid eyes
eleven thoughts like burning birds
flew graceful across darkened skies.

with ten whispered words you told me,
“wait and watch the fire bright!”
and nine whole minutes crumbled
in the fingertips of dancing light.

eight fiery pieces of your
broken heart you gave to me.
seven sang a song of loss
to blue jays on the hanging tree.

six and there was none but
you and i in time and space.
five whole minutes, “wait,” you said,
then let our fingers burn like lace.

in four dark nights we burnt to life,
we burnt to death ’til we were free.
three star lights, they led the way
to for evermore for you and me.

thus, two lost souls united here and
sparked the flame of freedom bright
and one charred flake of stardust floated
smouldering into the night.

T. E. Pyrus


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