shadow phantom

In my last memory of you,
midnight poured like rain
with no lightning for company.
Your shadow shivered in vain

when the wind brought icy numbness
to the traveler in the dark
who scoured the stormy sleepless sky
for a silver starry spark.

You leaned against the darkness,
with your lantern glowing gold
that swung lightly from your fingers.
There, in overwhelming cold,

where the wind tastes like dewdrops,
yet, light still far away,
beyond that sea of darkness.
When tomorrow and yesterday

blend into the silent night
beneath the willow trees
I saw you in the shadows
For a moment in the breeze,

And never again came you my way,
you shade from mystery’s lore;
I awaited you with solitary
love for evermore.

T. E. Pyrus


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