The shy winds
of a late autumn eve
breezes over the tingling
warmth of my feverish skin
when they throw open the windows
to let in the dark.

Your shy glances brush my shoulders
and leave a burning warmth
on my golden skin under
quietly trembling lights,
my eyes seek yours in semi-darkness;
two can play a game tonight…

My shy blushes hide
beneath discreetly painted eyes,
trust me, pretty words don’t lie,
see me through the pretty lace,
and let me haunt your dreams tonight,
leisurely prowling to tear.

Your shy fingers tremble,
delicate and pale, shivering
slightly with my touch
‘though the night is warm,
your breath, shallow when
I kiss your palm and
each of your fingertips,
my prince for the night.

The shy music fades
into non-existence,
and all you can see is the silk
on my sleeves unravelling
as I glide around the room,
selling temporary love
to buy temporary envy in your eyes.

When shy lights flicker to shadows,
whisper sweet nothings in my ears,
your voice low and resounding
in my beating heart until dawn
steals my starlight…
I’ll miss you for a while, I swear.
Don’t you dream of constellations…

T. E. Pyrus


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