darkness dissolves into sunsets,
stars fall through midnight like rain,
flickering streetlamps sleep soundly,
seconds count minutes in vain,

the wind forest’s net catches moonlight,
the sunrise soaks into the land,
oceans are mountains of dewdrops,
mountains are soft breaking sand,

clear winds break clouds into laughter,
the blushing gold autumn is shy,
all of these moons burn like snowstorms,
the wanderer, quiet, tiptoes by.

T. E. Pyrus


When shadows spill over…

When shadows spill over
the purple-flowered edges
of the sidewalk,
they trickle into the alley
right next to the
newspaper-decked playground
and the stranded fountain.
The library across the road
sprinkles secrets, unexplored,
whispers lost in faerytales
that live by sunset firelight;
then shadows climb the dusky walls
then cities twinkle into life.

T. E. Pyrus


spilt ink cries onto
scribbled apologies
and crumpled teardrops
that decorate the floor.

the ink-stained clouds
and moonless sky
swallow all the names of hope
that tear the world apart.

T. E. Pyrus

Wakeful night

When nights are warm
and winds are shy,
When night-owls soar across the sky,

When frantic seas
meet wistful lands,
and salty foam woos changing sands,

When whispers wander
where they will,
and fly o’er curtained windowsill,

When dreamers learn
to love the night,
What is brighter than starlight?

T. E. Pyrus

melting masks

We polish our masks
with the broken pieces
of our starry skies.
When it rains, the paint
runs down their cheeks
like tears, as if masks could feel,
and souls could fall like melting clouds.
When they’re broken, lost,
colours washed into white afternoons,
we scour the sunsets for our names;
by twilight we drown
in oceans of our boundless hope,
breathing like springtime,
bleeding like salt, silver
like your moonlit-mask;
and you, never knowing
how your lonely eyes
hold all the storms that light the skies…

T. E. Pyrus


Pine trees that lace the ridges
of snowblest mountaintops
lean against the darkened moon,
like storms that lean on precious earth
with open arms towards the sky;
lightning touches myriad stars
that wander through unbroken songs
and quietly fill hollow dawns…

T. E. Pyrus

What secrets…

What secrets linger, hovering
over the silver mirror lake?
What secrets drown in ripples
when leafless boughs
bow towards the underwater sky?
What secrets echo
beneath the mirror, and gaze up
as stillness waits, still?
What secrets bring storms
when forever lake trembles
and thunder drowns forever skies?

T. E. Pyrus

embers and silence..,

She skips stones o’er shallow darkness
that ripples ’round her bare ankles.
twilights trace her lorn shoulders and soul,
pale wristlets of sunset that grace her wrists
burn bright, searing like heartbreak,
yet smoulder forever like untiring love;
her eyes, grey like shadow, twinkle with wry mirth
o’er shallow darkness, like faery knights
of new moon, vows of pure sunlight
every dawn; her hair, dear as midnight,
curtains wistful smiles: gentle curve of her frayed lips,
gentle hope that never fully breaks with falling time;
her laughter wakes the melancholic night;
o’re shallow darkness, wishing stars shine bright..,

T. E. Pyrus